What is .green?

The construction of the old website URL is changing. In 2017, we experienced the year of the "dotbrand".


A .com URL is a generic address. Having a unique top level domain (TLD) extension with an inherent set of values helps to tell a story about a business. This is why we believe in the power of .green.

In today’s society, we as consumers expect the companies that we are purchasing from to give back to society. According to a Boston Consulting Group study from April 2012, a whopping 75% of consumers agree that its either fairly or very important that a company has a philanthropic base. A .green extension is a perfect way for consumers to identify businesses that show solidarity to the earth and its inhabitants.

Started in 2007, .green represents a global response to our planet's environmental and economic necessities. It is the first environmental TLD proposed to both the internet and environmental communities.

It's time for eCommerce to go.green.